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JobSight is a mobile app designed to streamline the property insurance claims process by allowing contractors and emergency mitigation providers to request enrollment in a preferred provider network for Florida home insurance companies. We're looking for responsive, reputable, and licensed general contracting and emergency mitigation services for property repair and restoration related to insurance claims.

Enroll in the Network

Submit application for approval.

Receive Jobs

Use app to accept or decline service requests.

Go to the Job Site

Visit site within designated timeframe.

Manage Progress

Quickly access job contacts and work status.

Receive Payment

Download the JobSight app to:

  • Apply to become a member of our preferred provider network
  • Receive/accept work assignments
  • Track the progress of your assignments
  • Manage your account and keep all information current

For more information on the network, eligibility, and service agreement, review the description in the Apple App Store or Google Play by clicking one of the icons below.

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Important Info: The JobSight network is currently accepting applications for enrollment. During this initial period, the app will be used to submit your application and manage your account. Distribution of work assignments through the app will begin in the next release. At this time, JobSight assignments are exclusively in the state of Florida.